How to find Runes

Diablo 2 is a game that has been around for well over a decade. Nevertheless, it still has a following and is even still installed on computers around the world. There are many things that make this game different from other games, one of which is the runewords. Diablo 2 Runewords runewords are words that … Read more

Mercenary Runewords

Sorceress Runewords

Paladin Runewords

What is a paladin in Diablo 2? The Paladin is one of the most popular classes in Diablo II. It is a powerful melee character that can also use holy magic to damage enemies and heal itself and others. The Paladin has high hit points and strong armor, making it an excellent choice for a … Read more

Druid Runewords

What is a Druid? The Druid is the jack-of-all-trades class in Diablo II. They can be a melee fighter, a ranged attacker, or a spellcaster – but they are not very proficient in any of these areas. They are also the only class that receives bonuses for using staves and polearms, which means that they … Read more

Assassin Runewords

Everything about Assassin and Runewords The Assassin is a character who specializes in killing quickly and silently, with a massive arsenal of techniques and traps designed to take down enemies as efficiently and expediently as possible. Assassins are also the only class capable of using Shadow Disciplines, which provides them with powerful defensive and offensive … Read more

Necromancer Runewords

What is the Necromancer The Necromancer’s principal skills revolve around the summoning and manipulation of minions, corpses and skeletons. These skills fall under three primary categories: Summoning, Curses, and Poison. This build focuses on maximizing the potential of these skills, with a focus on Summoning. The Necromancer summons magical Minions that obey his/her every command … Read more

Barbarian Runewords

End game Runewords

Amazon Runewords