Druid Runewords

What is a Druid?

The Druid is the jack-of-all-trades class in Diablo II. They can be a melee fighter, a ranged attacker, or a spellcaster – but they are not very proficient in any of these areas. They are also the only class that receives bonuses for using staves and polearms, which means that they will eventually have more options for weapons than other classes.

The Druid has three different skill trees, which are Elemental, Shape Shifting, and Summoning. Each tree has many skills to choose from, so the Druid is versatile enough to be played in many different ways. In fact, there are enough skills to make at least twelve different builds!

Best Druid Runewords

With the introduction of the expansion pack, there are now thousands of runewords that can be made. The drawback here is that with so many new items out there it can be somewhat tricky to figure out which ones are actually worth using.

Below is a list of some of the best runewords for a druid in Diablo 2.

Harmony – An animal druid’s dream! This runeword will give your character +3 to all skills as well as a whopping +300% damage to animals (bear, dire wolf, and spirit wolf). This can be made with a Beast rune and two Holy runes. It can only be placed in an item with 3 sockets, which is usually an Amulet or Circlet.

Doom – A very good runeword for any character, and especially useful for the druid. This will give you +2 to all skills as well as +300% enhanced damage and slows down enemies by 75%. It also has the added bonus of reducing enemy defense by 50%. This can be made with two Hel runes and an Um rune. It can only be placed in an item with 4 sockets which is usually a Plate Mail or Great Helm.

Budget Wind Druid Runewords

A deadly Druid build that is easy, cheap and fun to play in Diablo 2. If you are looking for a build that is both powerful and versatile, the Windy Druid is a great choice.

The Windy Druid has two main skill trees: Elemental and Summoning. The Elemental tree focuses on damage while the Summoning tree focuses on summons and healing.

Elemental Skills

Cyclone Armor – This skill offers protection against physical damage, which is most of the damage you will encounter in Diablo 2. It also boosts your resistance to magical attacks, which is always useful.

Twister – The Twister attack does good damage and slows down enemies as well. It’s best used when surrounded by enemies, so it pairs well with Cyclone Armor for maximum effectiveness.

Hurricane – This is a very strong wind-based attack that can do massive amounts of damage over time if enough enemies are caught in it’s area of effect. It’s less useful against single targets but very effective when fighting groups of monsters.